About Art Quilts of Nevada

What is an Art Quilt …

There are two definitions of what my quilts are.

(1) Using both traditional and modern quilting techniques, I use photographic images and computer generated images to create art pieces. I base my quilt art on my photo imagery and ideas from computer generated images and may traditional patterns to support the overall design the art. I regard the quilt canvases that I create as one-of-a-kind fabric paintings which I then complete as dimensional fabric art.

(2) Using both traditional and modern quilting techniques, the second form of my art quilts, I refer to as family photo quilts. The family photo quilts are made primarily from the images of family photos sewn and quilted together into a personal family fabric art piece. My quilt, Moments in Time II was the first quilt of this type that I made.

Watch this video from the Desert Quilters of Nevada which includes an award given to my family photo quilt Moments in Time II.
I think it says it all about way I make this type of quilts. https://youtu.be/Ww_hK1twgUI

Your family photos, those special events or even everyday activities, your own ‘moments in time’, have been sitting in albums or boxes and may be rarely seen. Now you can show your photos in a new and creative way, as quilted fiber art. No matter how many family photos or how few that you may have or have access too, they can be used to create a custom quilt or wall hanging that only you will have. This is also a way of turning your photos of family, vacation/travel, special occasions or special interest into your own fiber art. Whether for yourself, your family or as a gift, this is a great way to make use of and display family photographs and create a unique quilt can be passed from generation to generation.


A Description of my Work

The pleasure of crafting art quilts comes from the creative flow that all artists experience who lose themselves in their chosen mediums.
The quilts that I enjoy making the most are the family photo quilts, every quilt made is a one of the kind creation that the images used help guide me to quilts final design. As for my image art quilts, I love working with the way images, thread and colors interact as well as the texture of the completed quilted piece.

For the family photo quilts made by Art Quilts of Nevada is fabric art that can created from a collage of family photos. The number of photos used will depend on the size of the photos used in the quilt and the size of the quilt/wall hanging. Each quilt is individually designed and custom made my me. Your quilt is made using images (from your photographs) and I have found that there is a strong emotional impact when people who know what the images are on the quilt see them in the artwork.


2003 First Quilt Competition - 00673

2003 – My first quilt ‘Moments In Time’ (above) was shown at a quilt show in Mt Laurel, NJ. It is a King size quilt with over 400 triangular images in it.

If you have been thinking about doing something creative with your photos, or want to give a loved one a unique gift based on personal memories or family history, then use the quilts shown here in this blog to help you get possible ideas. All my quilts are designed and custom made by me and usually take 4 to 6 weeks or less to make after you approve the design of your quilt. Shown below are a few sizes of standard quilts, the number of 4in x 6in photos that can be used in a quilt and the price of the finished quilt, but because the quilts are custom, I can create any size you may want, if you have an idea of what size quilt you want, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in. Price may vary slightly depending on complexity of the design*. Email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com

The following are some of the of the prices for AQN Mosaic Photo Quilts, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in.

                           MAX. NUM. TOTAL
Size:                  of PHOTOS: (4in x 6in)   COST:
36in x 36in        up to 54                           $112.00
36in x 42in        up to 63                           $136.00
40in x 42in        up to 70                           $151.00
40in x 48in        up to 80                           $173.00
44in x 48in        up to 88                           $190.00

48in x 66in (Lap) up to 132                      $285.00

52in x 44in        up to 99                            $206.00
52in x 48in        up to 108                          $225.00
58in x 48in        up to 120                           $251.00
58in x 52in        up to 130                           $272.00

64in x 52in        up to 143                           $300.00
64in x 56in        up to 154                           $323.00

68in x 90in (Twin) up to 255                     $551.00

70in x 56in        up to 168                           $353.00
70in x 60in        up to 180                           $378.00

84in x 108in (Full) up to 378                     $816.00
92in x 108in  (Queen) up to 414               $894.00
108in x 108in (King) up to 486              $1,050.00

Email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com. Cost factor is .09/sq. in. 

The following are some of the of the prices for AQN Mosaic Photo Quilts w/ Sashing, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in.

                           MAX. NUM. TOTAL
Size:                  of PHOTOS: (4in x 6in)   COST:
38in x 35in        up to 30                           $146.00
38in x 41in        up to 35                           $171.00
38in x 47in        up to 40                           $196.00
38in x 53in        up to 45                           $222.00
38in x 59in        up to 50                           $247.00

46in x 35in        up to 36                           $177.00
46in x 41in        up to 42                           $207.00
46in x 47in        up to 48                           $238.00
46in x 53in        up to 54                           $268.00
46in x 59in        up to 60                           $299.00
46in x 65in        up to 66                           $329.00

53in x 35in        up to 42                           $204.00
53in x 41in        up to 49                           $239.00
53in x 47in        up to 56                           $274.00
53in x 53in        up to 63                           $309.00
53in x 59in        up to 70                          $344.00

Email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com    Cost factor is .11/sq. in.

*The price variations may be for quilt designs that are not based on AQN Mosaic Photo Quilts and Mosaic Photo Quilts w/ Sashing.

If you have an idea of what size quilt you want, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in. Email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com

QR - IMG_0467w
QR or Quick Response is a quilt I made for shows and will direct you to my website if you view it with a QR Reader app on a smartphone.

usa1All quilts are handmade by Lew Fuller

If you have any questions regarding having a quilt made by Art Quilts of Nevada,
please email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you anyway that I can.


AQN website linkPlease visit my original website at: www.ArtQuiltsNevada.com

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