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A unique way of sharing family memories &

Turn your family photos into family art and heirlooms

​​Custom Designed, Handmade Photo Quilts Art Quilts of Nevada creates heirloom quality photo quilts that do not limit the number of photos that can be used.Each quilt is custom designed just for you, based on the photos or images provided by you. After you approve your quilts design, the quilt is then assembled by hand. The completed quilt will be a great way to display beloved or old family photos, celebrate a special event or occasion or create a collage of favorite photos making a truly unique way of sharing your memories.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Material: Photo quilts are handmade by Lew Fuller/Art Quilts of Nevada and are designed and made to your specifications using 100% premium cotton fabrics and natural cotton, bamboo or a cotton/bamboo blend batting and then machine quilted by hand.
Cost: Every quilt will vary in cost depending on its actual size. Quilts are priced by size, for cost, email me at lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com.
Time: The time it takes to create it will depend on the quilts size and complexity of the design. For more information, see the FAQ’s on my http://www.ArtQuiltsNevada.com website.

WTC1 - IMG_0834
Art quilt “WTC 1” made from one of my photographs

Simple Ordering Process

Contact me to find out when I will be able to start your project since I make every quilt myself.

Send your photos
You can email your digital photos to: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com  If you have physical photos contact me at the email address shown above. Any original photos sent to me will be returned to you with your finished quilt. If you want to send me photos, I will email you my address.

Creating the preliminary design
Once I have the photos and any other fabric information you might want me to know about, I will create a quilt(s) design using your  photos. Then I will email you the quilt design to you for your review and approval.

Approval the design and quilt assembly
When you approve of the layout, I will send you an invoice for your initial 50% of the cost of your quilt. I will then transfer the photos to fabric, prepare the other quilt fabrics and gather in the materials for your quilt. Assemble the quilt top then assemble and do the quilting.

Shipping and delivery
When the quilt is assembled you’ll be notified that the your quilt is ready for your review. With your review and approval, the quilt will be completed. Upon your approval, the final 50% payment will be made. When the final payment received, the quilt will be sent to you by USPS Priority Mail with tracking (2-3days) and insurance.


All quilts are handmade by Lew Fuller.

If you have any questions regarding having a quilt made by Art Quilts of Nevada,
please email me at: lew.artquiltsnevada@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you anyway that I can.

AQN website link                          Please visit my original website at: www.ArtQuiltsNevada.com