Art & Image Quilts

Photographs are among the best ways to remember people, places and things. The photograph has a limitation and that is that the image is flat. Quilted photos is a way to give the image the sense of depth through quilting. The quilted image gives the picture texture and a sense of dimension so the finished product is a image or photo with a texture or a feeling of depth as well as a unique piece of fiber art.

Geo2 – Art Quilt
Completed 10/20/2018

Geo2-1 IMG_1107

Added February17.2019

The QR quilt


One of the first of my Geo series is called the QR quilt a working quilt because the quilt actually does something, if you have a smart phone with a QR (Quick Response) Reader app and you take a look at the quilt with that app, it will send you to my Art Quilts of Nevada website.

The Flower Garden


This quilt is made up from the photos of flowers that I have taken over the years. The images of the water lilies, Lotuses and the walkway in the center block of the were taken at the Grounds For Sculpture in Hamilton Township, NJ.

The Geo Spiral

The image was created and colored on a computer, I had the image printed to fabric and then quilted.
The photo to  the right is courtesy of Sun City Anthem Spirit Magazine.

Added January 16, 2018

The original photograph for ‘The Water Lily’

Photo - Water Lily - IMG_6263

This is the quilted image made from the photo

Web 2013 Home - True Image1 photo

Web 2012 - Lew+Water Lily Quilt at Old City Quilts

Quilted photo – The Water Lily. Photo taken at Olde City Quilts in Burlington, NJ


Below are some photos that I have used to make or plan to create quilted photos for sale. The photos shown here are also available for sale. Each quilted photo will be unique fiber art created, hand made by me.

Quilted photo – WTC1

Web 2018 - WTC1 - IMG_0833

Below is a detailed image of the quilted image

WTC texture - IMG_0922

The original photo of the World Trade Center

Photo - WTC1 - IMG_6166

Quilted photo – WTC1 hanging on a Living Room wall

WTC1 - IMG_0834


Quilted photo – The Courtyard

Web 2012 - Courtyard 3

The original photo of the ‘Courtyard’

Photo - Courtyard - IMG_6215

Quilted photo – The Teepee

Web 2013 example - Teepee

The original photo of the ‘Teepee’

Native Architecture-2012

Photo Quilt – “Eva’s Bouquet”

Evas Bouquet - IMG_0058w
Eva’s Bouquet was made for my wife. All of the flower images are photos that were taken by me.


usa1All quilts are handmade by Lew Fuller

If you have any questions regarding having a quilt made by Art Quilts of Nevada,
please email me at: and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you anyway that I can.

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