Family Photo Quilts

The following photos are some of the quilts/wall hangings that I have made.
If you have been thinking about doing something creative with your photos, or give a loved one a unique gift based on personal memories or family history, then use the quilts shown here to help you with ideas. All my quilts are designed and custom made by me and usually takes about 6 weeks or less to make after you approve the design of your quilt.>I have listed a few sizes referenced below showing the quilt size, the number of 4in x 6in photos that can be used in a quilt and the total base* price but because the quilts are custom, I can create any size you may want.

000000000000000MAX. NUM. TOTAL
Size:                            of PHOTOS: (4in x 6in)  COST:
Mini  36in x 36in       54                                      $117.00
Baby 36in x 42in       63                                      $136.00
Crib  36in x 54in       81                                       $175.00
Lap  48in x 66in        132                                     $285.00
Twin  68in x 90in      255                                    $551.00
Full  84in x 108in      378                                    $816.00
Queen 92in x 108in  414                                    $894.00
King 108in x 108in   486                                    $1,050.00

I can create any size quilt from Mini to King, if you have an idea of what size quilt you want, I will be happy to give you a quote for the size you may be interested in. Email me at: >Cost factor is .09/sq. in. 

A brief description of my service –
When placing an order, after sending in your photos, I will prepare a design using your photos at no cost to you and when you have approved the layout, you will be invoiced for the 50% initial payment for your quilt and the balance will be due and when the quilt is finished and you have approved the emailed images of the completed quilt. The quilt will then be sent via USPS Priority Mail, tracked and insured. >

Evas Bouquet - IMG_0058w
Eva’s Bouquet was made for my wife. All of the flower images are photos that were taken by me.

Quilt - 060w Moments In The Time
Moments In Time – This was the second photo quilt I made and the first of my photo collage quilts.  [Lap quilt]
Quilt #063 My Favorite Photos
My Favorite Photos –  All images are photos that I have taken. This is another example of how you could use your  photos to make family art.  [Lap quilt]
Quilt - 006w
Quilt #20110501  [Lap quilt]
Quilt - 0082w
Quilt #20180202  [Lap quilt]
Quilt - 0351w
Quilt #20170901  [Large Lap quilt]
Quilt - 0309w
Quilt #20170801  [Mini quilt]
Quilt - 0449w
Quilt #20171003  [Lap size, Autograph quilt]
Quilt -0143w
Quilt #20170401 [Twin size quilt]
Quilt - 8514w
Quilt #20131201A  [Lap size quilt]
Web 2017 Final 1 - IMG_0022

2017 Final 1 – IMG_0022.JPG  [Lap size quilt]

Web 20160201 - IMG_0074

Web 20160201-1 IMG_0071
Web 20160201 – IMG_0071 (top) – IMG_0074 (bottom)          Example of a T-Shirt quilt
[King size quilts]

Web 10 - IMG_0564

10-IMG_0564  (Mini quilt]

Web 20140301 - IMG_8617

IMG_8610  [Lap quilt]

Web 2011 - Testimonial - IMG_5778

IMG_5778  [Twin size quilt]

Web 2013 - IMG_8375

Img_8375  [Lap/Wall Hanging

Web 2014 Mosaic Burlington Woods IMG_0387

Burlington Woods  [Mini quilt]

Web 2010502 - Kingsport Testimonal

2010 – 20100502  [Mini quilt] My first customer order

QR - IMG_0467w
QR or Quick Response is a quilt I made for shows and will direct you to my website if you view it with a QR Reader app on a smartphone.

usa1All quilts are hand made by me.

If you have any questions regarding having a quilt made by Art Quilts of Nevada,
please email me at: and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and assist you anyway that I can.

*If a quilt has been ordered though a third party, there may be some additional charges required by that party. Sale Tax will be added for purchases made in Nevada.

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